Dog Training

Training Overview

Does your furry friend walk calmly while on a leash?
Does he jump on you or your friends?
Does she run away when called?

Struggling with your dog’s behavior can have a significant impact on your relationship with your companion and family.

We can help!

The Ranch Pet Resort has a team of certified dog trainers. Your dog can be trained during his or her stay with us.

Ask about our training camp programs!

Free Dog Training Evaluation

We have the ability to design a personally tailored dog training program for you. Because we have an actual training facility and a staff of professional trainers, we have the flexibility to determine together what format is best for you, versus only offering one solution.

In order to design a personally tailored program for you, we offer a Free Evaluation at our facility where you can meet with one of our training specialists. Prior to your evaluation, we will send you a comprehensive questionnaire so we can learn about your specific needs. Then we will meet with you and your dog to evaluate your current situation, discuss the challenges you are facing, and show you how we can help make a positive and significant improvement. We offer weekday and Saturday morning evaluation appointments.

Positive and Proven Dog Training System

We have successfully trained hundreds of dogs and their owners in the greater Bay Area. Our positive, effective, and proven system is based on a balanced approach of techniques, leadership, and affection. Our goal is to help dog owners improve their relationship with their through consistency. We are very good at doing just that and guarantee your success.

Our system is award-winning and based on a “balanced approach”, which means we know how to utilize multiple methods, techniques, and approaches to training your dog…versus only using one method. This allows us to personalize the training process for each dog, leading to better results. We’ve successfully trained thousands of dogs – – all ages, and issues.

Our system is designed to do three things:

Free Dog Training Evaluation – A $95 Value!

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